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Saison Spring


Saison Apricots

Latin Name: Prunus Armeniaca

Classification: Fruit Seed

Skin Benefit: Vitamin A, C, E and other antioxidants help reduce inflammation and maintain moisture balance.


Saison Cherries

Latin Name: Prunus Avium

Classification: Fruit

Skin Benefit: High in antioxidants, including Vitamin C and Anthrocyanin, cherries help soothe and rejuvenate damaged skin. It also hydrates and softens skin, and treats acne and rosacea.


Saison Cucumbers

Latin Name: Cucumis Sativus

Classification: Fruit

Skin Benefit: A good source of hydration, cucumber is an excellent summer ingredient. It also helps decrease blood flow to alleviate swelling and redness. Cucumbers also contain Silica and Vitamin K, which helps with collagen formation and skin toning.

Green Tea

Saison Green Tea

Latin Name: Camellia Sinensis

Classification: Plant Leaves

Skin Benefit: Green Tea phytonutrients and antioxidants stimulate circulation and rejuvenate skin cells. Green Tea also carries astringent properties that help clean skin.

Lemon Balm

Saison Lemon Balm

Latin Name: Melissa Officinalis

Classification: Plant Leaves

Skin Benefit: Lemon Balm is high in antioxidants that help revitalize skin and also contain properties to calm skin irritations and stress.

Rose Geranium

Saison Rose Geranium

Latin Name: Pelargonium Capitatum

Classification: Plant Leaves

Skin Benefit: Rose Geranium is very toning and balancing, and is very effective in reducing skin inflammation.


Saison Summer


Saison Avocados

Latin Name: Persea Americana

Classification: Fruit Seed

Skin Benefit: Avocados soften skin and are deeply hydrating. Its nutrients help resist free radicals and slow down signs of aging.


Saison Basil

Latin Name: Ocimum Basilicum

Classification: Herb

Skin Benefit: Basil contains properties that are antibacterial to help fight acne. It also contains antioxidants that help slow aging, and helps soothe burns and irritation. Basil is also high in Vitamin K, which aids skin elasticity.


Saison Calendula

Latin Name: Calendula Arvensis

Classification: Flower

Skin Benefit: This ingredient is a restorative agent that heals skin from burns, rashes, insect bites and other irritations. It also helps protect skin from premature aging.


Saison Chamomile

Latin Name: Matricaria Recutita

Classification: Flower

Skin Benefit: Chamomile contains properties that help improve elasticity and soothe rashes and minor burns.


Saison Coconut

Latin Name: Cocos Nucifera

Classification: Fruit/Drupe

Skin Benefit: The properties found in coconuts are antimicrobial to help fight acne and blackheads. Also a good source of Omega 3 and Lauric Acid, coconuts help slow signs of aging. During the summer it helps soothe burns, rashes and chapped skin.

Kukui Nut

Saison Kukui Nut

Latin Name: Aleurites Moluccana

Classification: Nut

Skin Benefit: Rich in Vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids, this ingredient provides antioxidants that protect the skin from free-radical damage. It also treats sunburns, chapped skin and acne.


Saison Lavender

Latin Name: Lavandula Angustifolia

Classification: Flower

Skin Benefit: Lavender contains natural antibacterial properties that help keep skin clean. Its aroma is calming and relaxing.


Saison Pineapple

Latin Name: Ananas Comosus

Classification: Fruit

Skin Benefit: Pineapple is a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids to exfoliate skin. Rich in Vitamins, Omega Fatty Acids and Enzymes, it helps remove dead or burned skin to resurface and revive skin.


Saison Strawberry

Latin Name: Fragaria Ananassa

Classification: Fruit

Skin Benefit: Strawberry is a natural source of Salicylic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to exfoliate skin and overcome dullness. Rich in Vitamins and Phytonutrients, it also revives skin, and is astringent to help keep skin taut.


Saison Autumn


Saison Grape

Latin Name: Vitis Vinifera

Classification: Fruit

Skin Benefit: Grapes are packed with antioxidants that help slow down aging. It is also astringent to help keep skin looking toned and revived.


Saison Pumpkin

Latin Name: Cucurbita Maxima

Classification: Squash

Skin Benefit: A good source of Vitamin A, Pumpkin is a natural retinol source. It is also a strong source of Vitamin C, which helps with collagen formation.


Saison Rice

Latin Name: Oryza Sativa

Classification: Cereal

Skin Benefit: Rice and rice bran are good sources of Magnesium, Vitamin Bs, and Vitamin E to help treat wrinkles and sun damage.


Saison Rosemary

Latin Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Classification: Herb

Skin Benefit: The properties in Rosemary increase circulation and tone skin, while enhancing cell regeneration.


Saison Safflower

Latin Name: Carthamus Tinctorius

Classification: Plant

Skin Benefit: Safflowers are rich in Vitamin E and K, which help increase skin elasticity and fight wrinkles.

Sweet Almond

Saison Sweet Almond

Latin Name: Prunus Dulcis

Classification: Nut

Skin Benefit: Rich in Vitamin E, almonds help treat inflammation, dryness and flaking. Packed with various minerals including Potassium and Zinc, almonds are emollient and assist with cell regeneration.


Saison Winter


Saison Meadowfoam

Latin Name: Limnanthes Alba

Classification: Seeds

Skin Benefit: Meadowfoam properties help combat water loss and dryness. It also treats wrinkles.


Saison Pomegranate

Latin Name: Punica Granatum

Classification: Fruit

Skin Benefit: Rich in various vitamins, minerals and Omegas, these properties aim to treat wrinkles, dryness and inflammation. It also helps brighten skin and improve skin tone.


Saison Rosehip

Latin Name: Rosa Canina

Classification: Seed

Skin Benefit: Rosehip is very rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K, and its essential fatty acids help rehydrate skin and lock in moisture. Together these properties repair the skin's surface, restore elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

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